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Other Options

As a small, family-operated business, we have the flexibility to meet your needs.  Simply inquire via email or call 717-687-7565:

Bagged Mulch

With a bagging machine on-site, we are able to bag any quantity of mulch for $4.00 per bag regardless of the type of mulch.  The bags of mulch can also be delivered similar to the retail mulch products.

Mulch Guard

We have created a system to combine the appropriate amount of Mulch Guard into each cubic yard of mulch for an additional price of $3.75 per yard. Mulch Guard keeps seeds from germinating so only use in areas where you do not expect seeds to grow.

Direct Wholesale Delivery

If you require amounts in excess of 24 cubic yards, we can bring our tri-axle (35 yards) or tractor trailer (72 yards) depending on delivery area.

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